What's Your Passion?

Going through life you have your passions, your likes, and of course your dislikes. And your passions may change as you get older and hopefully wiser (hahah)

My passion started out with art, but I was too scared to pursue it. Then it was gaming (that was a very unhealthy passion. it did not pay the bills and we never really had food besides a jar of peanut butter and some chocolate syrup. maybe ramen.) After that, my passion became trucking. I wanted to be a driver for a long time.

My husband was a truck driver when we started dating and I had a love for nice semis with all the lights and the big flat squared hoods. After a few warehouse jobs I finally got my license and away we went. For years that was awesome. Then I became a mom and my new passion was our kiddo. I stayed home when I could and worked when I had to. We went through a rough patch when the hubs lost his license do to a dui.....so we bought our own semi and started our own company. That was always one of his passions and mine. (when two passions become one!)

Then I finally discovered how to help people and how to heal people and animals with reiki. My passion in life has always remained steady in the back of my mind. Help animals heal. However by helping people...I felt and still feel so much joy and excitement when I am able to make them feel better. If its with reiki or with readings to help bring closure guidance....I absolutely love it, So, I will be striving, working, learning as much as I can to continue on with this passion, Don't stay where you are miserable. Don't go through life never fulfilling your passions. No matter what they are big or small...go out and do them! Live your life with adventure, love, and happiness.

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