How to Protect Your Property and Home From Negatives!

Most of you know that you can Sage or Palo Santo yourselves and home to get rid of negative energies. However, you can also do the same for the property your home is on. This creates another barrier against anything negative. Who doesn't want extra protection against that? So, below are some steps to take to get you started. This is how I went about putting a protection barrier around my property. Feel free to elaborate on it, or make it simple. Whatever you are comfortable with doing. This is Your ritual, your home, and Your Power! Work your magic and weave love into it, have fun, or be super serious. You may also choose to work with the powers of the moon. So lets get started!

Step #1

Start off by cleansing your entire home. Every nook and cranny, go about each room and closet with either sage or palo santo. Don't forget to leave a door or window open where you start from and work your way around the house. Basically you are chasing out the negatives.

Be careful of any falling ash! Those sage bundles can be a real pain in the rear sometimes. lol. I find that a big shell helps to catch any of those pesky pieces that like to fall. Keeping a candle with you helps too if it tends to stop smoking. (your probably thinking how can i carry all these things...cue a trusty friend, or partner. haha) or you can just go back to your candle whenever you need to. Also, don't forget the garage.

Once you have come back around to the start of you mission, be sure to cleanse that doorway or window and say " Be GONE BITCHES!" just kidding lol. But for real, say your closing and then grab some salt and salt your doorways. What the heck, why salt?! well my friend i will tell you....negatives hate salt. ever watch Supernatural? Salt keeps the baddies out. It's said they have to count each grain before being able to pass. Who has time to do that? psshhhhhttt. So salt those doorways. Preferably if you can, Himalayan Pink salt or if you know how to make black salt (I will make a post about this next) use that. You can even draw sigils on your door if you like or under your doormat. ( Another extra: You ca add selenite to your doorways and grid your house with protective crystals. We will save that for another day though.)


Ok now that your house is good and cleansed, you can cleanse yourself and everyone in it. Don't be an energy dirt ball! Cleanse thy self! We are like walking magnets to any and all energies. This is why it is important to bubble yourself. However let's face it, sometimes we forget to do this, or we've been through a heck of a lot. It's important to cleanse your energies, aura, and self just like we take showers to clean our bodies.

Step #3

Now you and your home should be sparkly clean. Awesome!

Here is a list of items you will need for the next part:

Protective Crystals - Black Tourmaline, ApacheTears, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Jet, Onyx, Tigers Eye

Other Crystals- Clear Quartz, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Angelite.

(Of course please go by your intuition. This is by no means a final list of crystals that can be used. Because let's face it, we all know a Carole who will have to put in their to cents hahah)

Small glass jar or container with lid

Red marker, pencil, or pen.

Piece of paper


Palo Santo or Sage

Prayer for Protection



Protective Dried Herbs - Yew, Stinging Nettle, Ivy Leaf, Himalayan Pink Salt

Other Dried Herbs- Hibiscus, Rose, Allspice

Step #4

With the jar, (You will need four total! One for each corner of your property) you can put in any kind of protective herbs you like. I also like to toss in some herbs for love and positive vibes. Not only do i want my property to be protected, I want it to radiate with love and positive vibes!

Next you will want to add crystals into the jar that don't like water...such as Selenite. Selenite helps keep everything charged and free of negative energies. So we definitely want to help shield it from water, keeping it a happy little camper.

Once you do that, grab that piece of paper or notecard and your red writing utensil. Red is a protective color. If you don't have red, don't sweat it. Like I said, you do what makes you feel comfortable and jives with you. On your paper, draw out some protective sigils. (Don't forget to write out sigils on four pieces of paper!)We have some on our facebook page. You can also see the ones I put on mine for reference. Just be careful , not all sigils you find on the world wide web is accurate and are negative! If you are unsure, don't use it. You can also make your own! we have videos on how to do that. Those have your personal magic and intention in there so as long as you have good intentions you won't have to worry about those! (Yippee! have fun and make a few!)

When you are done, activate them. (This reminds me of captain planet! "With our powers combined....!haha) Just say something along the lines of "I now activate these sigils!" I like to hold the paper in both hands and bring to my heart chakra. Sit with it for a few deep breaths and when you are ready, put that sucker in one of the four jars. Do the same for the remaining three papers with sigils on them. Seal up your jars with their lids, and pack up your stuff to head outside.

Step #5

Starting from the center of your property go in an outward spiral with either your sage or palo santo until you get to the edges. You can do backyard first and then your front yard, or vice versa. Make sure you walk the edges of the property before moving on. You will essentially be cleansing your property just like you did your house. This could be a bit time consuming. (Heck if you have a huge property you might want to jump on a bike, a four wheeler, or your broom or something. hahah. * I myself have jumped on a broom to scadoodle about the house ) Remember to go about however you feel comfortable and what works for you. However you start, you want to make sure you come back around completely around the outer edges of your property.


Now starting with the corner you are at, this is where your shovel comes in handy! Get to diggin! Dig a good enough hole for your jar and crystals to be in where they wont be disturbed after being buried. Once you get your hole where you want it, I like to start my protection prayers. This is something I feel should be personal to each person. If you have animals I include them in the prayer to be protected. Anyone or any animal that comes onto my property I ask for their protection. (You bet your buns animals can be effected by negative energies or from Negative people, hexes, curses, what have you. So don't forget to add them somewhere in your prayer) You can write your own, or you can find one on google for home protection and blessings. I will work on one and add it to here when I finish. It's totally up to you.

So, what i like to do is hold the jar in both of my hands close to my heart and say my protection prayer. I ask for the assistance from Archangel Michael and 1,000 Protection Archangels, Mother Earth, my ancestors, my spirit guides, fairies, the elements (Fire, Earth, Air,Water) and of course the Universe. When I am doneI place the jar in the hole and then work on programming my crystals.


Now it's time to program your crystals! Crystals work best when they are essentially told what you want them to help you with. This way they can focus and hone in their magicalness into what you want most. In this case, it's for protection of all kinds. Place them in your hands and picture white light filling each crystal and your hands. The white light cleanses them and charges them up. (If you are super savvy and organized you could have your crystals charged in the full moon ahead of time.) Then program them and when you feel it is time, place them around the jar. Say one final blessing and a "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" Always add Gratitude !


Finally time to cover up your jar and crystals! Fill in the hole with the dirt and pack it in. Now you have three more jars, holes, and crystal packs to go to the last three corners. All four corners will have a jar, and crystals buried in it.

Step #9

YOU DID IT!!!! Take a breather, look about with a smile on your face and thank the universe, or whatnot for it's help. Picture your property in a protective bubble that you have co created with everything you have included. It's now time to kick back and recharge because I'm sure that took quite a bit.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you find that it helps you and yours. Sending much love, light, and a few unicorns your way-


** I'm not saying this will be a protect all from every little thing. This is only one of many many tools that can help AID in the protection from negative energies, and negative people. Please take proper precautions against such things as well.

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