How to Perform An Egg Cleanse

Updated: May 25

Egg Cleanse

The use of an egg for spiritual cleansing has been rooted in many ancient cultures and cultures today. It is regarded as a symbol of growth and life. The egg is thought to absorb stuck and negative energy. It’s a special energetic tool and container that takes on life and energy when used like a spiritual vacuum. It removes whatever isn’t necessary or vital to you. There is no guarantee that cleansing with an egg will result in quick profound results, but miraculous things have happened and it’s something to try. Alongside traditional medicine, this is not a replacement.

While performing an egg cleanse you can approach it by either a spiritual or religious perspective, or that it’s just a way of transferring energy. You will basically be sweeping over the body with an egg to remove the energetic debris held in the body and aura. The egg, being a sponge like property absorbs and traps misaligned energies so that they can be discarded.

When should you do an egg cleanse?

After a break-up, trauma, or heavy emotional drain, when dealing with emotional and mental blocks, lack of energy, nightmares, insomnia, Battling any kind of illness, any kind of spirit attachment, when negative emotions rise such as anger, jealousy, gossip or when you feel stuck. I personally like to egg cleanse at least once a month.

What You will need:

-A fresh uncooked egg, preferably organic

-clear glass of fresh water- room temp, fill at least half of the glass

-Sage , palo santo stick or frankincense incense. You will need the smoke to cleanse the egg before using

-Protection oil like palo santo, vetiver or sage. if you don’t have any oil you can use sage or palo santo smoke instead

(Optional - Selenite Crystal Wand)


-Find a clear negative energy music or mantra on YouTube that you can play during the cleanse. I personally like these the best :

(Mantra for removing negatibe energies quickly)

(All around, amazing mantra to rid you of negatives and raise your vibrations)

(if doing a cleanse when you feel ill, using for mental health like removing anxiety, insomnia, stress....) Preparing the egg for the cleanse

First, you will want to wash the egg by running it under the faucet water. Picture the egg being cleansed of any energies and stating your purpose for the egg. “ This egg is going to be used to cleanse….”

Find a private place or a place you feel comfortable performing the cleanse. Light the sage, palo santo, or incense. Say an opening prayer, or affirmation to your spirit guides, ancestors, and the archangels to be with you and assist you. Whatever feels right to you to call upon to help. There is no right or wrong way to say this quick prayer, speak from the heart.

Play your mantra or music of your choice at this time (a few examples are listed above from YouTube)

Pass the egg through the smoke of your choice while stating that this be a spiritual tool to cleanse and restore you to your highest expression of good, this egg will absorb all energies that don’t serve you well and illnesses.

Then, hold the egg in your hands close to your heart and imagine it being blessed with divine white light. You are asking the egg to be a spiritual tool to remove all negative and misaligned energies from your body, mind, heart, and aura.


Dearest god, mother god, and the archangels-

Please cleanse me of All of my affairs, my aura, my mind, my body, my soul, my aura and cords. I am cleansed of any and all Negatives.

I am cleansed of Negative thought forms, negative energies, negative attachments, hexes, curses and spells. I invoke the violet flame to transmute them into light. All the negative energy, All the negative energy created by me or sent to me. Let them be transformed into the light, so mote it be.

Starting the cleanse

Take a few deep breaths and when you are ready hold the egg in your dominant hand. You will be passing it over your body touching your skin or just above your skin a few inches.

Beginning at the top of your head (the crown chakra) you will move downwards to your forehead or third eye chakra. Then work your way down your face -Your eyes, ears, lips, and base of head. Don’t Forget to do the back of your head and neck area. We are said to hold a lot of tension where the neck meets our shoulders. Then move to the front of your throat and shoulders.

You will move down each arm all the way to the hands and touching the palms, and then back up switching hands so you can work on the opposite arm and hand.

Move down the sternum, to the heart (heart chakra). Down the stomach focusing on the solar plexus chakra, navel, small of the back, your reproductive organs or sacral chakra, and then root chakra.

Continue on, down one leg then the other. Make sure to get the front and back side. move to the tops of your feet and then the soles of the feet.

Return to any areas of concern like where you have pain, illness, tension, or any other issues, if you feel guided to go somewhere follow your intuition. Take as long as you need to do this part of the ritual. It is acting as a vacuum removing everything that isn’t good for you!

-Take as long as you would like with this part-

After the cleanse

When you are done sweeping over your body, you will crack the egg into the glass of water and set the shells aside

(You will throw the shells away later. We don’t recommend repurposing the shells in any other rituals/protection techniques because it has absorbed negative energy from doing the cleansing. Please throw them away in the trash after your ritual)

—Optional— grab your Selenite Crystal Wand and outline your to body to grab any left over negative energies that were missed with the egg cleanse part.

At this time you will anoint yourself with the protective oil of your choice ( dilute oil if need be, some require it) to seal off yourself from the negative energies you just removed.

To do this, place a few drops in your palms, rub them together to warm the oil and place a dab on your forehead. Ask for protection from all negative, intrusive, or misaligned energies, spells, or curses. Rub the soles of your feet, up your body, to your throat and back to your crown chakra.

If you don’t have protection oil, you can use the smoke from the sage or palo santo and wave it around your body. This will seal you with protection.

**Thank your spirit guides, your ancestors, and the archangels for their aid and protection. Or just a thank you in general to the universe works as well!**

From here- you can then read the egg in the glass If you wish. You do not need to read the cleanse for it to work properly.

How to dispose of your cleanse

(If you are wanting to read your cleanse, scroll down and read how to, before disposing)

After you are done, you will need to dispose of the egg and water down the toilet. Before doing so, sprinkle salt into the glass. If you have a septic, I suggest you take the egg off your property to dispose of. Do not burry on your property. You can do this by digging a small hole and burying it. The earth will take the negative energy and transmute it back to a more positive energy. You can also throw it into a running river.

If your cleansing results weren’t successful, you still feel blocked, if there was a a lot of gunk in the cleanse or if the egg broke - you will want to repeat the cleansing process at least 3 more times, every other day. When my cleanse looks like there is a lot going on, I do two more cleanses every other day. Each cleanse should have less and less “gunk”, trust your gut about how many cleanses you think you should do.

Wash the glass as you normally would. You can designate a special glass just for cleanses if you wish.

*** NOTE!**If you have a septic system, DO NOT flush, you don’t want that negative energy/entities staying on your property. You will have to bury it, or take off your property to throw into a running river.

Other Tips:

You can take a cleansing bath, saying a protection prayer and lighting a protection candle hold the egg at the base of your head where the skull and spine meet. This spot is very receptive and energy tends to enter and collect here. It is also a great spot to help remove strong attachments.

Another quick way to egg cleanse over night:

Sleep with an egg under your bed in a cup of water, or bowl of sand. The egg will absorb negative energy from your aura, as well as from the room while you sleep. This also helps with nightmares. Dispose of daily until not needed. Dispose the same way as we listed above.

Do not get stuck on if it worked or what was in it. All that matters is the act of rubbing the egg over your body or having it under your bed and disposing of it properly. If you feel you need better results, repeat the process. Use at our own risk, this is not to replace medical treatment, or wellbeing.


If you still feel anything lingering, you can perform another egg cleanse in a couple of days. Everything that comes out of an egg cleanse has left you. So, it is good to see all of the gunk in your cleanse. Remember, We suggest waiting at least 1 day before cleansing again.

How to Read an Egg Cleanse

Bubbles and Ballons:

Energy was absorbed. Too much Negative energy is around you. It makes you feel tired, and irritated. The energy causing this can also give you dizziness or headaches.

If there are many bubbles surrounding the yolk, it means there are positive spirits and/or your spirit guides looking out for you.

Big balloons are a sign of a cage. This is when you feel trapped in a situation that you can’t get out of quickly. It could be that someone has trapped you in that situation, or from wrong things that you have done. You will need to do multiple cleanses to get rid of this situation.


Means that many people are jealous of you and want you to failing something you want. ex: business, a project, promotion

Something is entangling you, stopping you, or there’s a blockage

Spikes, Needles, and Threads:

strings can mean that a more deliberate energy was pulled from the aura.

Facing down: it’s a symbol that you have a lot of anger that you have not let go of.

Pointy images: in the shape of needles or nails, this means that there are people who have cast black magic spells on you, not wanting you to succeed.

Gossip is disturbing your life and there are people who want to see you sad. You should do another egg cleanse the following day to clear your path.


Cloudy: without scent or blood, there’s been a loss of vital energy via a hole in your aura which needs to be healed. In many folk traditions this is a sign of nightmares, ptsd, and fright.

clear: without any abnormal shapes, scents, then nothing unnatural has occurred, and no more cleanses are needed!


Sinks to the bottom means all negativity was removed

if part or all of the egg floats than it means there is a small problem that is still developing and can be fixed. Another cleanse is recommended.

See an eye- someone is sending you the evil eye. Do an egg cleanse three more times every other day.

If the yolk is grayish, very cloudy or black- someone has sent you the evil eye and it is extremely strong

Red or Black Spots:

This can mean several things, someone is putting a curse on you to affect your health and well being, or you are being warned of a health issue that is present.

blood spot is a sign an evil entity is around you, someone is hexing you to affect your health in a very negative way

Egg Whites:

halos surrounding the yolk mean that you make decisions too quickly and you need to slow down, to get back on track.

flowers in the white is a good sign. It means that negative energies are going away, and good times are on their way. Woot

shape of a person is a sign that you have an enemy. A slim face means that enemy is male. And a round face means it is female.

If you see an animal or insect figure:

Don‘t overthink it, if you see an animal or insect figure, look up the symbolism of it! This being is here to teach you something. We like to use the book “Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven Farmer.

The Egg Breaks:

if you happen to break the egg during a cleansing, You need to redo the cleansing.

Egg cleanses have improved our lives personally and we are so happy sharing this beautiful cleansing tool with you ♥️ Happy cleansing!!

- Kristina Gatewood and Jaclyn Cooper

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