Hit the Road Jack!

Today was an Epic day.

My sister Jaclyn had been battling a nasty Dark Attachment for about two weeks. It all came from reading an Egg Cleanse. Not performing an egg cleanse, not doing protection or ridding of a hex, curse, or what have you. Just by READING an egg cleanse that a client sent her. This stuff is no joke. You can laugh, or say the spiritual world doesn't exist.... but when it happens to you...you'll probably shit your pants and wish you knew more and took things seriously.

She went about a week or more feeling nauseas, depressed, and not herself from this dark energy that was pissed that she helped her client. ( FYI dark energies/spirits hate.. Hate with a capital H Light workers. which we are :) ) She tried everything. Palo Santo the house, her self, cleansing baths, cutting cords rituals...which she felt snapping during ! salt baths, multiple egg cleanses, saying the Lord's Prayer in Latin, everyday doing things to try and rid herself of this thing.....this leech, this Tick.

It was weakened. Its power was slowly being stripped down, however it still clung on. Not wanting to let go, laying low (and trying to hide is what I felt it was doing.) multiple people offering help and our amazing viewers sending prayers, and positive vibes. Yet it still lingered...bringing on night terrors that haven't been present for years. This thing was persistent.

Soooooooo........ today I went to her house. I loaded up my car with two arm loads of shit to bring over. I brought over my whole collection of essential oils to create a protection oil for her to use, and other countless crap I didn't even use ( my bag of a couple oracle decks, sketch pad, and what have you from when I went to New Mexico. I got back from the trip the night before. ) I had looked up a few different things I wanted to try, however my guides said the protection oil was a go, and using my pendulum to pinpoint where this things was creepin together rid of it. I was wanting to try a hypnosis session with her however I wasn't ready to do that. ( I was listening to my class on Spirit Releasment Therapy on the way to her house. ) I feel it would have been too hard to have a one on one with it until I finish that class.

The Protection oil was made with the utmost of love, big sister protection, and the help of the Archangels and our Spirit Guides. I love how it turned out and I plan on making one for my family and I as well :) ( And possibly if people are interested one for them as well)


When asking my guides how to help her today since they said no to the hypnosis, I pictured using my pendulum to pinpoint where in her body it was hiding out, and then putting the oil I made directly on that spot. After she had opened up her front door we heard a hummingbird fly by and linger in the door for a second before taking off. She laid on the floor in the sunlight. I was drawn to the lower three chakras. I got a twinge in my stomach and that's when she said, it's in my back and she turned over. I found it! It was hiding out on the back side of her Solar Plexus Chakra! That little turd was not going to get away...because it was on the move! I asked the Warrior Archangels to surround it in a Divine White Light net and hold it in place.

Visualization and faith is key I feel. I used my hand above her back to start squeezing that net tighter and tighter around that negative entity. In my head asking for the Lord's help. ( Which come to find out she was saying almost the same exact thing in her head as I was doing all this. I have never asked for his help before. ) Squeezing squeezing, smaller and smaller. Until my hand became a tight fist and I visualized it being squeezed into the Light and gone from her for good. I then placed the oil I made (part of the oil that was used came from a friend that helped her create a holy protection oil ...which she didn't use before hand for this entity! why?! Most likely because of that same entity. Part of why it was so hard to get rid of. It would prevent you from helping yourself. My sister is extremely strong, she goes in like a charging bull and fights like a beast if someone is wronged.)

I asked if that disgusting thing was finally got from her, and I got a yes! She even felt like a weight was lifted off of her. It was amazing. And all through the day I saw angel numbers.... 1010- Big positive changes, 1111-Your thoughts are manifesting, and 444 - Guardianangels are near and protecting you.

We even wrote on four pieces of paper : 2 yes answers and 2 no answers and asked our guides if she was really free from that thing....we both got YES! WOOHOOO!

In a book she has on protection it had described an entity as a Chaos Elemental....we both got that that was what had attached to her. It is like a tick...jumping from one person to another. We also learned that the Palo Santo she thought she was burning for protection was in fact fake. FAKE. That makes me and her mad like no other. Not all of the palo Santo she was using, but a good amount of it. So when she thought she was protecting herself....she wasnt! thanks to the fake palo Santo.

Lesson learned. We will be waaaayyyy more picky when buying palo Santo. Among other things learned. My heart goes out to her. She has come across some nasty things and learned things the hard way. However, I am always by her side if she needs help ! I will superhero in and try my damndest to help her!

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