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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Did you know that you play a HUGE role in how well your reading goes? Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your session <3

- Release expectations and have an open mind

A lot of times people go into readings expecting it to be exactly like what you see on TV. These shows are highly edited and never show the entire session. Readings are like puzzles, we have to piece together information from the other side to pass along messages. It takes time.When you go into a reading expecting high demands and wanting it to be like tv shows, you can actually sabotage your session without knowing it.

The reader can feel that energy, you create a wall around yourself because you don't have an open mind. These vibes don't come across in a positive way to your reader. This makes the reader uncomfortable- which leads to anxiety and stress, this does not allow them to connect as well with the other side, unfortunately.

Go into your reading with no expectations and an open mind, when you do this your reading will flow beautifully and you will get more information from the other side, I promise!

- Is there a difference between a Psychic and Medium?

There is a big difference! Did you know that every single person has psychic abilities? Yes, you are psychic! Those gut feelings you get are your psychic self aka higher self giving you signs! You can grow your gift with lots of practice and dedication.

Psychics read the energy of the living, this is why it is always important to go into reading with no expectations, and not having your 'guard' or 'wall' up. We will talk more about this in the next section. Not all psychics can be mediums, unfortunately.

Mediums read the energy of the dead, every single medium is psychic. If you can read the energy of the dead, you can definitely read the energy of the living. The word medium comes from how we communicate with the dead. On the other side, spirit vibrates extremely high, we on earth vibrate much much lower. When a medium channels the dead they have to higher their vibration, spirit then has to lower theirs until we hit a happy....medium.

- If you are the type that has a "guard" or "wall" up

Because readers read your energy, it is very hard to read someone who has a wall or guard up. If you are this type of person, you want to lower that wall. Before your reading close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you are safe, you are lowering this wall for your reading. Then picture the wall being lowered, knocked down, a door opening in the wall.... anything works. This allows the reader to access your energy and the reading goes smoothly. After your reading you can tell yourself that you are putting your wall back up and picture it being rebuilt.

- Can the reader read your mind?

No, we read your energy field. We are unable to read your mind, so don't worry!

- How spirit communicates - it isn't how you think!

You would think spirit talks like you and I do because they were once human... I wish this was the case, because it would make my job so much easier! Spirit talks to your reader telepathically, normally is isn‘t in their ear.

Spirit shows the reader symbols, short movie clips, compares to the reader's life experiences, we rarely hear them physically talk. In simple terms, they are basically speaking a foreign language that we must try to understand.

It is the reader's job to piece together these items in order to pass along spirits message.

Sometimes the symbols we receive, we interpret differently than they are wanting to.

For example, my psychic medium friend was shown a bible being put down in her reading. She thought this meant the person was religious or telling her client to read the bible. It turned out, while talking to her client that the spirit she was channeling was showing he was atheist.

Just like how humans sometimes have miscommunication with one another, it happens when we talk to spirit as well.

What information does my reader need from me?

Every reader is different- some want birthdays, death days, names, relationship you had with the passed person, or nothing at all. Just like with normal jobs- everyone does it slightly different. My sister and I conduct our work by knowing the first and last name of the passed loved one or who you are asking about that is living. For us, it is easier and quicker to tap into their energy and we can jump right into the reading.

Not all spirit trust psychic mediums, I have felt that by knowing their name and gaining their trust because of it, they come forward much quicker.

When asking about a living person, knowing their first and last name allows to specifically tap into their energy and connect our spirit guides for helpful information.

- Spirit normally won't spill your secrets, and we can't force them to talk about something they don't want to

Spirit we channel is 99 percent only wanting to talk about positive things. They want to pass along messages, not embarrass you. It is very rare for them to bring up a deep dark secret you don't want anyone knowing about.

Spirit sometimes does not want to talk about certain topics because they are embarrassed or don't want you to relive it. We have to be respectful of what they want and don't want to share.

A lot times when a passed loved one's death is from suicide or overdose they do not want to show their cause of death to the reader. They are embarrassed and don't want to relive that experience. Please be respectful when this happens.

- When you can or can't connect with something the reader tells you

When you connect, definitely let your reader know! this allows us to dig deeper because we know that we are on the right track and asking the correct questions with the other side. It also boosts your reader's confidence, which highers their vibrations- letting them better connect with the other side.

Never be afraid to say that you can't connect. Remember, spirit does not talk like you and I do, sometimes the reader can be interpreting spirit's message the wrong way. For example, when spirit shows a hand by their throat it can mean that they didn't get to say their last words they wanted, they passed of an illness relating to the throat area or they can be doing that to show a that someone has their necklace they always wore and were not buried with it.

A lot of times humans have miscommunication with friends and family throughout their lifetime, it goes for the same when channeling the other side. Give your reader a little slack, what they do is very hard and draining. They want nothing but to give you the correct information!

- Why won't a reader give you a code word from spirit

Code words are hard to get from the other side. Spirit talks through symbols, movie clips, or memories that your reader has had and they compare it to. We do not hear spirit with our ears often, you should not need a code word to believe your passed loved one is present.

If you connected with everything your reader has said, please trust that your passed loved one is truly talking. You can tell if a reader is bullshitting you, your gut will tell you as well - trust it! True mediums will do everything in their power to make sure you are satisfied, we put ourselves out there to help people, not to make up information.

- Can you ask when you or someone you love will die?

As weird as this sounds, I get this question often. Spirit is not allowed to tell you how or when you or another person will die. You don't want that info following you the rest of your life even if they did, trust me on that! It is a huge taboo for them to spill that information. Many ask this question because their loved one's health is declining and want to know how long they have with them. If you are compelled to ask when someone will die, spend as much time with your loved ones as you can, it is normally a sign that their time is shorter than you think.

- Human free will and asking certain questions

We all have our own free will, you DON'T have to listen to the advice from the other side.

With that said, sometimes clients want concrete answers for when their home will close, when they will conceive, when their VA benefits will come through, how their court case will end etc. Your reader will tell you what SHOULD happen, but because other humans are involved, nothing is ever set in stone. Ask your reader to give you a percentage from 1-100 for these types of questions, this allows you the gauge the outcome a lot better.

- Sometimes things don't make sense until a later date

This is normal, we never know 100 percent of someone's life when they are living, sometimes passed loved ones want to share an experience that you may not personally connect with. Often times it is because you will talk about your reading to a family member or friend and they can connect with it instead of you!

Other times it wont click until down the road when looking through their items, old photos or movies. Just keep that part of the reading in the back of your mind for a later date.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions

This is YOUR reading! Ask the reader as many questions as you would like. I often find it is easier for my clients when they write their questions down before their appointment and bring it with them. Readings are full of energy and sometimes you will forget to ask a few things you were really looking forward to having answered.

If you follow these tips, you should have the best reading you can imagine. Sending you light and love!

- Psychic Medium and Divine Healer Jaclyn Cooper

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