First Past Life Regression

Today I did my first ever Past Life Regression. Im not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I had a couple hiccups here and there...fading light so I couldn't read what I wanted to say, and then left completely on my own as far as asking questions once we made it to a past life. lol But overall, a good experience right? .....

So I went through the relaxation exercise with my friend (what a brave soul for volunteering to go first with a new Past Life Therapist it scary? I don't think so but it sounded good.) I followed the script provided from my class. And I felt pretty comfortable with how things were going. I Brought her to her safe place and into a relaxed enough state to go to a past life . And then the work started.

We started off in daylight with no lights the time we got to the last life part, the sun had gone down and the room had gone from a nice sunny atmosphere to a dark...unseeing room. I had to use the laptop screen to read my script that's how dark it got. So note to self: Pay attention to what time of the day it is since this takes time : roughly hour and a half .

So I went through to happy childhood moments. A couple to be exact. And then into the womb of this lifetime. And each memory that was brought up...I couldn't help but have emotions to. To feel the joy in the birthday party she was at. Or to feel the awkwardness in having to be in a dress as a child (been there done that) But the one that really made me feel was the memory they had as a fetus in the womb. To sense the feeling of the mother and father. It brought Mme back to when I was pregnant and what I felt. And Also sadness for the little baby that was in that mother that felt shame. Our subconscious minds and cell memory does not forget, It's all stored inside our internal hard drives. Whether we are aware of them consciously or not. ( please excuse any grammar errors my computer is trying it's best with my typing lol Im watching or rather listening to the movie jaws and relaxing to a glass of wine after a much needed relaxation of a multiple days of working with the truck and spiritual. All which takes a great deal of energy.)

Once we moved from the womb...we moved to a past life. I did not guide her to a specific one..rather whatever came about. She was a male...time period Canada forest area. No shoes...wore furs. She was next to a river and trees on the right. She felt sick and very nauseous . I took her back a day previous : She was up in the mountain with a young boy (she was a man) They were hunting for food. Possibly very hungry. They came across some small very bright red berries on a bush. They ate those berries. Sometime later as they were coming down the mountain they started to feel very ill. The boy she was with got so ill, that she (he in the past life remember) carried the little boy down the mountain to get to the river to get some water.

Upon getting to the river, the boy as I found out had died from his illness. She did not know at the time that it was from the berries but guessed it was, because she as well did not feel well. Fast forward : She had died from the berries that caused digestion problems. Alone and in the wild. In this life now...her life...she suffers from digestion problems. Related? I think so! I have been listening to past life sessions...and phantom pains , issues we have with in this life time...the come over from past lives that we didn't take care of in a past life. We have cell memory. Cells within our body react when our soul goes into it with memories from past lives. So phantom pains...issues with people or ourselves stem from past lives because our cells remember.

Its crazy! I sent healing to that past life of hers in regards to her digestion issues in this lifetime. Tried to separate this lifetime from that past life. I then brought her back to consciousness and we went over what happened .I am anxious to know if her digestion improves or not after discovering this past life or not. Again, it was my first and her first as well. ( Hurry two cherries popped lol) I know I have much to learn and practice however I feel I am on the right track on a soul level. I love helping people and this is just another tool on my utility belt( I am cat woman! )

I can't wait to do another session. either with her or someone new! I am here to heal people any way I can. xoxo

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