Date with an Angel

Last night I preformed my new moon ritual. I had to go to my front porch since it was drizzling out, which totally added some relaxing vibes. I love the rain ! I set up my Moon Water Jars, crystals, candles, and sigils. How I didn’t burn myself or clothes is magic in itself 😆

I wanted to do the most important thing first.. a couple spells for my sister. Using her spell mixture and adding in my own flare and magic, I created a Spell that could be used for her. I cast those off and started my intentions for the year. I watch there enjoying the rain, the time outside, and the magic around me.

Then we really cool thing happened! Out from behind me came this little feather. Gently bumbling it’s way across the one angel symbol slightly pausing there before continuing on and into my burned intentions for the year. That is where it stayed. I was lucky enough to catch it on video since I had my phone out taking pics already. (I hardly ever get so lucky catching things on video or photo 😂)

i believe it was a feather from Archangel Michael and am still in awe of what happened last night. So totally awesome !

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