Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

YOU are so much stronger than you know. Don’t let the opinions of others sit in your mind and poison it. Cut those cords every time you think of that toxic person.

🔹Light a candle (black and/or white)

🔹Call upon archangel Michael to come down with his powerful sword, to help you cut cords.

”Archangel Michael, I call upon you to please come down with your powerful sword and help me cut cords today.” You may also ask your spirit guides to be present to help you

🔹Visualize yourself in a blue bubble

🔹Visualize the person or situation in a blue bubble

🔹Visualize a cord connecting both of you

🔹Tell archangel Michael what you would like him to do, speak from the heart or recite the saying below...

“Please Archangel Michael, I ask you to cut all cords of negativity from my mind, body, soul, aura and cord. The cords going to me and from me attached to (insert name or situation going on) that no longer serves a positive purpose in my life and is not for my soul’s highest good.

I ask that only the love and life lesson remains. I ask that any wounds left behind be healed with unconditional love, compassion and strength. I cut this cord and release it with light and love. From this point forward it holds no power over me, no longer effects me and my life.”

🔹With a swift motion, act as if your arm is a sword and make a chop movement, you can even pretend your two fingers are cutting like scissors.

🔹When you picture that cord cut in half, visualize the person/situation starting to float away from you off into the distance

🔹At this time, I always add “I release you with light and love. You no longer have a hold in my life. You are set free to never return. And so it is”

🔹Thank archangel Michael for his assistance. Before I blow out the candle for any ritual, I like to add....

“I send all beings of light and love back to their realm with the utmost gratitude for the help that was provided today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.”

🔹Blow out the candle. The ritual is done! You can cleanse yourself with sage, palo Santo or even egg cleanse after to take this a step further (check out our other blogs on these topics)

You won’t be thinking about that person / situation once you do this. When it/they pop back into your head- do this quick and simple cord cutting again each time. This little ritual works wonders! In no time, the situation or person you have cord cut will no longer have a living space in your mind!

Many buy an athame (it is like a knife/dagger) and designate it for this purpose of cord cutting, others buy a special pair of scissors. When you use a physical item to cord cut, try to designate it only for that purpose. A cool idea could be a selenite athame 😉!

If you are one that needs actual guided help, YouTube has a handful of cord cutting guided meditations you can try 🥰


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