How to create your own bubble energy shield

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

This practice is very powerful and effective. I use this technique every morning before leaving my bed, and every night before going to sleep. I even bubble my family members, pets and my home! The main reason I do this, is to protect from psychic attack. Did you know that you are attacked daily? And what is a psychic attack?

Psychic attack is simply- negative energy that someone sends with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Harm can be sent towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies can be launched in the form of thought, based mainly upon jealousy toward you. This is normally the case- jealousy.

This is why we bubble shield our aura!

Step One

You must choose what color you wish to bubble yourself with, they all have different meanings!

White- calls for the presence of your guides and angels for protection, guarding and to uplift your spirit

Silver- Helps boost your intuition, reflects negativity away from you and neutralizes it

Gold- Boosts confidence and creativity, creates a very high vibration, works very well when paired with other colors. Picture this on the outer shell of your bubble

Blue- Calms you in stressful and anxiety ridden times, helps you communicate clearly and gather your thoughts, great to use when you are going to bed

Purple- Very protective against all negativity and negative entities. All engativity around you will be transmuted into light- lower vibrational energies, entities, psychic attacks will be repelled. If negatives get to close to your shield- they will be dissolved into the divine light

Pink- Protects against all negativity. This color radiates love, compassion and light. It is said that nothing can penetrate this color shield except for love and light, this also can be felt by those you encounter through out the day.

Green- Green is a strong divine healing color, it promotes cleansing, healing and uplifts your physical body

Mirrors- always add mirrors over your bubble shield, picture it as if you are inside a disco ball with the reflection pointing outside. This deflects negativity from you and sends it back to where it came from.

(thank you for the awesome visual Stacy!! I never knew how to explain it before!)

Step 2

Once you picked the color(s) you want to work with, ask your guides and the angels to be present. out loud or in your head say-

"Dear spirit guides and angels, please assist me while I bubble my aura with a divine protective bubble shield and mirrors.”

Mentally envision this bubble and mirrors surrounding your entire body as if you were inside a balloon/disco ball. Picture this for a couple of minutes, you are safe in your bubble, nothing can harm you, negatives can't affect you, this is YOUR shield! This powerful shield is unbreakable, your energy can leave it, but energies that are not for your highest and best good can't get in.

Step 3

Once you picture this bubble shield, you want to tell the shield what purpose it has for you.

"I place a bubble shield with the colors (say the colors you chose) and mirrors to help with (say what the color will help with). I am shielded from all psychic attack, I am shielded from all negative energies and entities. I am shielded from all harm. This shield will remain in place for the next 12 hours"

Step 4

Ask your guides and angels to look out for you through out the day and thank them for their divine assistance. That's It! This is a simple and very effective way to protect your aura daily. I highly suggest you use this daily if you are a light worker or empath.

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