Cleanse and Recharge Bath

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

🛀🏿 Cleanse and recharge with this beautiful mantra and crystal bath 🛁

You can change anything you would like, this is what I did

- Line the corners of my tub with chakra candles, white candles and Himalayan candle holders with tea lights.

You can also add some crystals around the candles! I used amethyst and selenite

- Light Palo Santo or Sage Incense

- Line my inside tub with crystals to charge the water with their vibration. Not all crystals are good submerged in water, but my guides picked these specifically.

💕Selenite, this crystal cleanses and clears you of all negative energies while putting out positive vibes (in time, it will Disintegrate because of being in the water, just a heads up. I have used the same selenite stick for many baths and it is still in tact)

💕Tourmaline- this is the biggest and baddest crystal to fight negative vibes

💕Rose quarts- promotes healing, positive vibes and love

💕Howlite- protection and clears negative emotions like anxiety and stress and calms

💕Amethyst- protection, helps you vibe higher, calming

💕Citrine- promotes happiness and helps with your solar plexus chakra

💕Clear Quartz- master healer and amplifies the crystals

- Light the candles and put your hands above the tub. Ask your angels and spirit guides to be present to help cleanse, clear and shield you from negative, as well as recharge your mind, body, soul and aura.

- I used Himalayan and Epsom salt bubble bath from Dr. Teals. It has essential oils to replenish and replace. You can use your own salt bath soak as well Or just use a good amount Himalayan salt

-Start filling the tub and picturing it with white light as it does

- Hold each crystal you wish to use in your bath and say “I ask that you help cleanse, clear and recharge my mind, body, soul and aura in my special bath. I ask that the metaphysical properties if these crystals infuse this bath.” each time you put a crystal in the water, picture it’s power filling the tub. Visualization is so powerful!

- Play this mantra and get into the tub

After about 10 min I moved the crystals and laid them across my body while chanting the mantra. If you can’t rmember the mantra you can just chant “OM” you don’t have to do this though, trust your gut and go with the flow. OM is very Strong and raises your vibrations.

Feel the vibes in the water, let go of expectations and enjoy the experience. I eventually started to feel pulsing In the water, It was really amazing!!

-when you are done , blow out your candles and pick up your crystals. While holding the crystals in Your hand say something like

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all items and light beings used today that helped cleanse, clear and recharge me. I give the utmost thanks for the help that was provided”

*Always say thank you to the angels , guides and crystals you use 🥰

Huge thank you to Liv Baker for telling me about bathing with crystals! I never thought of that 😄 the other parts of my bath I just made up with the help of my guides 💖 you can always add or take away parts of the ritual. Make it your own!

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